Bench, Run, Stretch, Condition


Nothing. I might have done some stretching or something, but nothing of import.

Friday AM

4-way lunge (forward and reverse lunge on each side. I usually start left leg forward and lunge back on the left, then back on the right, forward on the right and forward on the left back to the start) 6 reps

25 pushups

5 rounds, 60 seconds between rounds

20 minutes on the elliptical

Friday PM

bench press: 45×5, 135×5, 185×1, 225×1, 275×10,10,10

pullup: bw + 15 x 11

random dragon flag holds (bw x 2 x 30 sec)

YTWL: 5’s x 2 x 10


crunches: 62 in 2 minutes

pullups: 14 reps

1.5 mile run: ET – 11:44 Not an all-time PR but definitely an over 200 pounds PR. This was also my first outdoor run all year, so I guess it’s also my best run of 2010.


stretched a little and foam rolled

Monday AM

elliptical, warmed up for about 5 minutes then did 12 rounds of 10 seconds at >90 rpms then 1:50 at >45 rpms. I cooled down extra long and just barely got my heart rate back down to 125. Then I foam rolled my lateral thighs/ITB’s real hard. I ice massaged them once and will try to get them one more time before training tonight.

Bench, Run, Stretch, Condition

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