Overdue Updating

Last week I actually got all my work sets in that I wanted; deadlift 455x3x5, squat 335 x 3 x 5 and bench press 315 x 3 x 5. There was also a 425 + 150 pounds of chains x 2 equipped squat and a 430 x 2 equipped bench. I’m pretty sure I did military press too, 165 x 3 x 5 or somesuch.

Yesterday I pulled 495 x 3 x 1 and did 5 x 5 pullups with 25 pounds on my belt and front elevated GHR’s. I’ve finally got my shit squared away on these and feel like I’m using strict form. In the AM I did 120 hang snatches with 95# in 20:30.

I also ran a couple miles in 18 and change on Saturday and ran 1.5 miles in 13:14 today.

Overdue Updating

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