Oh, yeah…

I guess I pulled on Monday. I didn’t get any cardio done and worked up to 455 x 1. My diet and training were totally jacked up; I remember faltering when I went to pull a warmup with 225. That is not a good sign. I just need to stay the course, keep to the plan and be confident training will go better next week.

Also, I did arms on Saturday and military press (165 x 3 x 5), shoulders, SSB hise shrugs and arms on Tuesday. These included weighted dips with bw + 10 x 3 x 15 and ez curl 95 x 3 x 10.

I ran on Tuesday (1.5 miles in 12ish minutes) and ran today. I did 10 minutes of intervals, decided my shins/feet/ankles were getting beat up so I stopped. I need to adjust my frequency or something because I think I’m trying to run too often for my current level of fitness. Or something, I don’t know. Hopefully new shoes will really help the situation.

Oh, yeah…

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