Squatting, Cardio and Diet Update

free squat: worked up to 265×1 but it looked and felt terrible so I sucked it up and dropped down to 315×5,5,7

GHR: bw x 5, 10, 2 x 15

random pullups

one leg hip thrusts and supine bridges: bw x 15

pistol to tall box + two bumpers: bw x 30 left then right. I switched to this setup so next week I can take an inch off and I’ll work my way down to the box.

The diet was good, just chugging along according to plan. Keep in mind these logs don’t reflect ~100-120 grams of periworkout carbs around weight training.

High carb day:

Today I did 20 minutes of mild cardio on the elliptical, and I’m glad because I was super sore from yesterday and my carb intake was severely reduced.

Low carb day:

Knock on wood, I’ve been weight stable and getting leaner so I think this is working.

Squatting, Cardio and Diet Update

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