Shoulder on the New Protocol

With my doubleteam of Biotest Suppies I got a lot done and don’t feel like it at all. Honestly, I feel like I could have just kept going all night.

military press: worked up to 205×2.5

HS shoulder press: worked up to two plates x 3 and two pates + 10 x 3 for lots of sets

barbell curls: worked up to 135×3 x lots of sets

HS bicep machine: worked up to two plates + quarter x3 for lots of sets and then some rep work

tricep dip machine: I don’t know how much weight I had on, but it was a lot. Something like two plates, 35 and quarter or thereabouts for lots of sets of 5

midrange pushup: bw x 30

lateral raise: 10’s x 15, 25’s x 10

Sun God: bw x 50 reps!

narrow barbell concentratin’ curl: 45 x 10 65 x 10

I think that’s it. Whatever.

Oh, and I did 20 minutes of cardio this morning.

Shoulder on the New Protocol

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