Weight Cutting Updates

I’ve been slacking off on posting but rest assured I’ve been training. I;ve been cutting weight and feel pretty shitty pretty much all the time now. I’m actually dropping weight too fast, so I’m adding in more fat calories, primarily from coconut oil and olive oil. I don’t want to spill the beans on my weight. I may update it a little later or I might just post pics when I’m done. I do what I want.


AM – ran a mile on the treadmill. It was slow and felt realllll bad.

conventional deadlift: worked up to 525 x 5 which is not a PR but given how little I’m eating I’ll take it.

rack pull from knee, no belt: 315 x 10, 365 x 10 These are very hard since they’re right at my sticking point where my gut doesn’t give me any tightness.

wide grip Kyle pullups: worked up to BW + 50 x 8 x 3

I did a couple GHR’s and maybe some pushups, I don’t remember. I did three 60 second front planks.

Random pull-aparts that made my rear delts hurt.


AM – did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical at ~150 bpm

military press: worked up to 205 x 3 and 185 x 5. My warmups flew up but I felt weak with heavier weights.

leg press should press: 45 + 25 per side x 3 x 6

top 2/3 lateral raise in scap plane: 30 x 10, 25 x 10 superset with:

sungods, 4-ct: bw x 2 x 25

strictish barbell curl: did 8 sets of triples with 135 working down to 115

preacher curl: 75 x 10, 85 x 10

incline hammer curl: 40 x 10, 30 x 10

dips: bw x 2 x 12

overhead extensions: 100 x 2 x 15

Weight Cutting Updates

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