Bunch of Training Stuff

I benched last Friday and did 2 or 3 singles with 375.

Training has been on a weird schedule because of the Holiday. Monday I did arms and military press including a PR with 215 x 3. Then I did leg press shoulder press working up to plate + quarter per side x 10 ish or 6ish I can’t remember. Then some laterals in scap plane and YTWL’s. For arms I did oly bar curls, overhead cable extensions and oly bar concentration curl.

Tuesday I did cardio (which I’ve also been doing and just not recording)

Today I worked up to 495 x 1 in the dead and set up for 535 but didn’t feel right. I’ve lost a little waist circumference that I think is hampering my setup or something. Then I squatted 315 x 10 and went home.


Bunch of Training Stuff

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