Hope Y’all Are Still Tuning In

I did train Wednesday and Friday last week. I worked up to 295 x 10 in the squat and figured out why exactly my hips are so tight. That was good.

I worked up to 375 for two singles in the bench. I felt strong but I didn’t feel “right”. I tried it for a double, which would have been pretty baller but I wasn’t in good position and got stapled. Still, go me.

Today I didn’t do any shoulder work like I have in weeks past. I just started deadlifting and worked up to 525 x 5 and 535 x 5. Since I didn’t have any military press or shoulder work I did a little deadlift accessory.

wide grip half pullup (Kroc/Kyle style): bw + 70 x 2 x 3, 60 x 4 x 3, bw x 8ish

SSB Good Morning: I didn’t add any weight, I just used the bar. I arched real hard and feel like I got a lot out of it. ssb x 2 x 15

The last thing I did was a front plank: bw x 2:30 I’m halfway to my goal of 5:00 here. I don’t know why I want to do this, just because it’s hard.

Hope Y’all Are Still Tuning In

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