Big Deadlift PR and Post-meet Training

I pulled a 40 pound PR at the NASA Iowa Regional meet for my first 600 pound deadlift.

601 pound second-attempt deadlift at BW of 258.

My bench press was mediocre, I smashed my opener with 353 on the bench but lost my second attempt with 401 about three fingers off my chest. Having to bench flat footed really messed up my spine. I was shooting for 1000 pound push-pull total but I’ll have to let that lay for another time.

Today I just skipped my deadlifting but basically trained like normal.

military press: 45x3x5, 95×1, 135×1, 155x2x5

Partial pullup: bw+20×3, bw+40×3, bw+60x8x3 These are done Kroc/Kyle style, real wide grip and just pulling to head height. Kyle suggested I change these up and I’m going with it. I’m still going to do normal strict form deadhang pullups for reps at least one day per week.

leg press shoulder press: one plate per side x 2 x 10

Someone stole my leg press and started doing some kind of retarded half-reps with it so I just moved on and did some lateral raises rather than unload so many plates.

lateral raise in scap plane: 20 x 2-3×15

front plank: 2:00

Dirty Dozen

toy soldier
hip thrust
air squat
mt climber
side plank
trap bar dead

I did each one for 20 seconds and did three rounds total. I need to increase these again up to 30-45 seconds because my conditioning is shitty again.

Big Deadlift PR and Post-meet Training

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