Roscoe P Curltrain

There were three of us curling in a row, on the platform tonight. It was epic.

random band speed curl warmup thing superset with plyo bench pushup thing

strict oly bar curl: 115 x 5 x 3 superset with

reverse grip full range bench: 275 x 5 x 3

axle armwrestler curl: bar + 10’s x 3 x 8 superset with

incline db curl: 25’s x 10

I worked in triceps with three sets of bwx15,17,15 on the dip.

That’s pretty much all I did and my joints felt fantastic compared to this morning.

Roscoe P Curltrain

2 thoughts on “Roscoe P Curltrain

  1. Philipk says:

    Three guys “Curling” on the “Platform” is only epic at a gay bar in San Fransico. Maybe you should do some squats or deadlifts, I don’t know something constructive. What? Just because I don’t train there anymore you guys have decided to turn into a body-builders club. Gay!

    I miss you guys but I miss Beyer Hall Weight Room more!

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