Pulling and Arms Double Date

Double update, that is.


military press: worked up to 205 x 1, 210×2 and 215×1

pullup: bw + 60 x 3 x 2

conventional deadlift: worked up to 545×1

incline axle: 135x2x10, 155x2x10, 165×10

leg press shoulder press: plate + quarter x 10ish, drops sets down to empty sled, lots of reps and shit

conventional deadlift, belt, straps: 435 x 12


spotted a cat who squatted something like 860 – it was sick

did cheat curls up to 165 x 3 x 6

then I did a ton of sets of arm wrestlers curl – 95 x 10 superset with 20 close grip knuckle pushups

The last set of curls I did 15 reps and the last set of pushups I did flat palmed and banged out 50. Fifty pushups makes Conor real out of breath.

Pulling and Arms Double Date

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