Arms Dealing

barbell cheat curl: worked up to 155x3x6 superset with:

reverse grip reverse band two board, wrist wraps: 315×6, 365×6, 405×5.5

weighted dip: bw + 40 x 8, 10 triset with:

straight bar bodyweight extensions in mono: bw x 15, bw x 12 triset with:

light band kitty kats x 30-40 reps

hammer preacher curl: 40’s x 2 x 10 triset with:

oly bar arm wrestler’s curl: 105 x 8, 95 x 10 triset with:

incline db curl: 35 x 9, 30 x 10

reverse barbell curl: 55 x 40

random wrist extensions and hex head holds

stretched the shit out of my bi’s after this

Arms Dealing

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