I squatted last week, I think I did something like two plates for two sets of 15 on the safety bar. Anyway, this week:


military press: worked up to 190x2x4 I made the last set a set of 5 by push pressing the last one, just so I could get 5 reps.

pullup: bw+40# x 5 x 5

conventional deadlift: 365×1, 405×1, 455×1, 495×4 In retrospect, I used a shitty bar here that really compromised my grip, otherwise I would have been fine. I made a classic mistake, and one I rip on other people for all the time, just using any random barbell they can find.

I might have done something else, but I got a late start and all I remember is finishing up with a widowmaker style deadlift set.

conventional deadlift, belt and straps: 415×15


reverse grip, reverse band two board: 315×6, 365×6, 385×6 superset with:

oly bar curl. wrist wraps: 145x3x6

dips: bw+ 30 x 8, 10 superset with

bw SSB extensions: bwx15,12

hammer preacher curl: 40×8, 35×10 triset with

arm wrestler curl: 105×6,4 triset with

incline db curl, paused reps: 35×9, then 35×6 and a drop set with 30’s.



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