Deloading Overhead and Deadlifts – NOT ARMS

Arms are too important to deload, ever.


military press: worked up to 185 for five easy singles

pullups: one set of bw x 5, but at least I pulled them real high.

deadlift: worked up to 455 for three singles and 405 for two singles – I’ve adjusted my form and am feeling much stronger. Kyle has me pulling more flat-footed and not so much on my heels. I was hunkering over the bar too much and not getting behind the bar. The solution was simple: don’t pull the bar as far into my shins before pulling.

GHR: big box flat + 2×6 for 3×5 – Kyle has adjusted my form on these too and they’re feeling much harder.


oly bar curl, wrist wraps: worked up to 165×5 and 165×6

2 board reverse band, reverse grip bench: 225×6, 315×6, 365×6, 385×6 – I had all the triceps on these and I think I may be stronger on these than I am on the regular bench.

arm wrestler curl: 95×10 or something

SSB BW extensions: bw x 15, 20 I dropped the height on the SSB as far as the rack will go. Superset with:

dips: bw+45 x 7?, bw  + 30 x 8

db hammer preacher: 35 x 10, 40x6ish triset with:

arm wrestler curl: 95 x 8-10 RP

incline db curl: 30 x 10, 30 x 12

random wrist extensions: 25 pound

random hex head holds, 35 and 25 for time

oly bar curl, loose form: 50 pound bar x 40 reps reverse and 20 reps regular

Deloading Overhead and Deadlifts – NOT ARMS

2 thoughts on “Deloading Overhead and Deadlifts – NOT ARMS

  1. Philipk says:

    do you realize how gay that sounds. “My becips cramped so bad last night from my workout”. Gay! What kind of powerlifter are you.

    When is you next big meet? Is your brother showing at the Big-4 Fair?

    Peace out.

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