Running Pulling Ranting

This morning I ran a mile in 8:30 on a new route. Hillier route, a little faster pace it seemed like.

Then I did comprehensive stretching and foam rolling.

This evening I did:

military press: worked up to 205×1,1,2 Pretty impressed with that double on the last rep.

pullup: bw+40x5x5

conventional deadlift: 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 455×1 no belt, 495×1 with belt, 525x3x1

incline partials: 235×1, 235×15 with a long ass iso at the end

leg press: one plate per side x 16, drop set one single plate on sled x 8, empty sled x 5 plus a long iso at the end

conventional deadlift, belt and straps: 415×12 I probably could have manned up and done an extra few reps here; it was pretty easy. I’ve got long term goals though and there’s no need to be greedy. Next week I’ll pull that for 15 and then I can bump the weight up again.This is setting me up for a rant, so I’ll just go with it:

People are greedy and impetuous. Everybody wants to do some new program that will add x pounds to their lift in y time. They do this repeatedly throughout the year and never wind up accomplishing anything. In a year they’ll do 6-12 programs promising tens of pounds each and wind up with no net gains.

People do the same thing within their workouts. Instead of leaving a little in the tank, accomplishing what they need to without compromising their recovery and longevity, they go for broke… too many sets, too much weight, too much subjective intensity. It’s bullshit.

A plan that doesn’t “feel” hard but has you slowly and steadily improving over months and years will far exceed any flavor-of-the-month, one-hit-wonder routine promising big gains. Same goes for individual workouts; that extra set or extra rep isn’t magic, it’s not going to catapult you to your end goal. It’s weeks, months and years of incremental improvement (and a few sporadic leaps all too sparsely intermixed) that take you places.

Running Pulling Ranting

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