Arms and Something Substantive


oly bar curl: worked up to 145x2x6

superset with reverse grip close bench: 225x2x6 These were super easy

Dips: bw x 2 x 6 superset with

bw extensions with safety bar from mono hooks: bw x 2 x 15

hammer curl: 60’s x 3 x10 triset with:

close grip supinated chins: bw x 3,2,2 triset with:

incline dumbbell curl: 25’s x 3 x 10

oly bar reverse curl: 45×20 mechanical dropset, did 20 more with regular grip

close grip bench: 95×40

That was pretty much all the arm bullshit I could handle.


This was squat day, so shit got real.

safety bar box squat to parallel: bar x 3, 95×1, 135×1, 185×1, 225×1, 275×1, 275x3x5 Again, these are 35 pounds heavier, so the top set was really about 310.

safety bar box squat to high box: top set weight (275/310, whatever, it was two plates and a quarter): x 30 reps. These sucked bad. The last ten reps were definitely a gut check.

safety bar dynamic lunge: bar + ten on each side x 2 x10 These also sucked.

I did a couple random shrugs:, one set of 15 with 100 lb dbells and a set of barbell shrugs with 225 and 275 for 15.

Arms and Something Substantive

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