Benching and Being Fat

I am definitely not feeling lean this week…

bench, ring finger on rings: 45, 95, 135, 185, 225, 245, 275, 295, 315 Most of these were for singles except for the really light weights.

bench, pinkie on rings:335×1, 350x3x1 I tried to get it for a double on that last one and just couldn’t quite make it. I probably shouldn’t have tried it, but wtf ever.

I’ve watched some big raw benchers on the internet, thanks to my roommates obsessive internet video habit, and they sink the bar deep into their chest-fat. I’ve been trying to sink the bar into my chest-fat. I’ve never read about that before (unless I did and just forgot it) and I’m not sure it’s helping but I think my elbows feel better from not having to bear all the weight on my chest. So that’s a plus.

4-board bench: 325×8

2-board bench, index fingers just off smooth: 275×11

pullup with straps: bwx11 or 12 I’ve been kind of slacking and not doing tons of reps with these. I think I did one more set of highish reps like this and then I did a set where I had my partner actually give me a start command on each rep. The strict pause was terrible and dropped my reps down to 6 or 7. Now I should have all the lats.

dumbbell low incline: 80’s x 25 and 80’sx20 I think the first set was 25, I’m kind of embarassed to admit that I lost count. It was either 25 or 15, but based on how many reps I got on my second set I think it was 25.

weird x-cable rows on crossover station: 90×10, 110×10, 120×10

YTWL: 8’s x 2 x 8

pressdowns: 6×10, 8x2x8-10

pec deck: worked up to 187.5×10 or something

backwards pec deck: one set of lots

I think this looks like a lot on paper, but you have to realize how little of it is actual “Work sets”. I cound 9-15 sets of actual work, depending on what I keep in there. That’s with all the heavier benches, board work, pullups, ytwls, pressdowns and dumbbell work. That’s not too bad.

I don’t want to be like someone I know who shall remain nameless who routinely does 20-30 “work” sets of bullshit fluff that amount to nothing.

It rhymes with “Lay Sod”…

Benching and Being Fat

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