Military Press and Deadlift

military press: worked up to 200×1,1,2 (almost three!) This was a big PR, the first time I’ve ever strict pressed this weight.

chinup: bw(253)+25 x 8(no straps), two more sets with straps

deadlift: worked up to 515x3x1

incline axle: plate and quarter x 10 partials, then amap with a long hold

leg press shoulder press: plate x 10, empty sled x 30 Severe shoulder pump here and new pec/shoulder veins emerging.

deadlift: 405×11, straps. I was going for 20 here, but it was a long workout and I did these more consecutively than I have done in the past. Not bad for a finisher…

This morning I ran a mile in 8:51

Military Press and Deadlift

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