More Belated Updating

I’ve still been training but I’ve been sans internet so I’m updating all at once:


military press: worked up to 190x3x3

chinup: bw+20 x 8,8,7 I’ve droppeed the weight back down and bumped the reps up. I’ll work on these until I stall and then I’ll go back to sets of 5 and surpass my old weight PR. Then when I stall I’ll repeat the process.

deadlift: worked up to 495×3


random arm business: worked up to 140×6 oly bar curl


safety bar box squat to parallel box: 2 plates + quarter by 3,3,6 I guess our EFS safety bar weighs over 80 pounds, which is pretty baller.

safety bar lunges: bar weight x 2 x 10 These gave me a sever butt pump (no homo)


Attempted Tabat front squat, had to stop halfway through because my reps were so pathetic. Time to drop the weight and start over.

I also ran a mile Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, which is probably why I’ve felt so terrible and had such a hard time keeping up with my other training.

More Belated Updating

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