Overdue Updates

After benching on my last update I started my deload and ran hill on sunday. I felt ill going into it and didn’t get any better over my deload. The only lifting I did was on Monday, sans deadlift and mil press but including conditioning.

I came back this Monday and wound up pulling 405 for 15 semiconsecutively with straps, which made me feel terrible.

Yesterday I ran a mile in 10:26 and did essentially the same thing this morning. My slowness is depressing, but at least it is progress.

Last night I worked arms

straight bar curl: 95×6, 115×6, 135×6

safety bar bodyweight extension: lots

hammer curl: 50’sx2x10

random machine curl and extensions

random reverse curls

wrist extensions

Clearly, nothing of value.

Overdue Updates

One thought on “Overdue Updates

  1. Philipk says:

    I went to school with a kid who ran 2 miles in just under 9 minutes if I remember correctly. I hope that makes you feel better.


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