Weekend Trizzaining Update


Tabata Front Squat 95# lowest reps = 8 I kind of pussed out on these and didn’t go balls out. Next week I will dominate it.


bench, pinkies on rings: 45×10, 135×3, 185×2, 225×1, 275×1, 295×1, 315×1, 330x2x3

close grip 2 board: 225×22 I was shooting for 35 because someone in the gym said I couldn’t do it.

pinkies on rings 1+1/2 reps: 205×10

db low incline: 65x2x15

random laterals

YTWLs with 8 pound dbell

reverse curl 95x2x10

Then for conditioning, 125 8-ct bodybuilders




12 sprints up a grassy hill from the little rock at the bottom to the big rock at the top.

It felt turble, but not in any particular muscle. I jusft felt heavy, tired and queesy.

Weekend Trizzaining Update

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