Sunday Night Conditioning

Circuit Work – 35 seconds each, three rounds, 2 minutes between rounds

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Mt Climber
  3. toy soldier
  4. lunge
  5. bike
  6. squat
  7. pushup
  8. situp
  9. pistol
  10. YTWL
  11. flutter kick
  12. 135# trap bar pull

This wasn’t as hard as it should have been because I’m not giving 100% on each set. I’m going to stay at 35 seconds each for a while until I’m confident that I’m giving it all I’ve got on each one.

Sunday Night Conditioning

One thought on “Sunday Night Conditioning

  1. Philipk says:

    What’s a gay horse say?


    Hey D.B. what is Crabby’s address and real name, I want to mail that DVD back to him before he leaves for basic training.

    Peace out!

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