If I Look More Jacked, Here’s Why

I’ve written before about how there are two types of people in the gym; folks who need to be reined in a little bit and people who need to be prodded along. The latter need to be turned into the former if they ever want to make progress. Too many people never learn how go hard and really work.

I call this component “temperment” or “disposition” and for the record, while I think it has a significant genetic or developmental component, it’s definitely trainable.

Tonight I had one of those moments where I got it in my head to do something and proceeded to do it, despite hesitation and trepidation that I wouldn’t be able to succeed. For my conditioning I took a deck of cards and for every red did a set of flutter kicks and every black a set of pushups. If my maths are solid, that adds up to 380 pushups and 380 flutter kicks in 33 minutes.

Nearly 400 pushups seems like a lot. It’s one of those things that looking back I find it hard to believe I did. It makes a lot of other hard things seem possible. I know I can train myself to accomplish anything. Like Ronnie Coleman says “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.”

Anyway, this morning I did 30 minutes of cardio on the bike at about 130 bpm and some mobility work.

I don’t know if it was the earlier session or that I remember to stretch my hip flexors and internal rotators, but my hips felt great on the low box during warm-ups for my PM workout.

low box safety bar squat: 150×1, 200×1, 240×1, 290×1

parallel box safety bar squat: 340×1, 340×5 This set was hard and it tweaked my hammie a little, I wore a belt for these.

incline back extension: bwx3x10 with short holds on each rep superset with

leg press: 5 plates x 10, 6 plates x 10, 6 plates + quarter x 10

pullups: bwx14 This is an all-time rep PR on pullups, and at a bodyweight of 250ish no less.

preacher curl: 95×10

face pull: 8 x 15

I think that’s all I did, then I went and did the card thing. It took me a lot longer to train today than normal of late, but I did some actual accessory work instead of moving right on to conditioning after squatting.

Had a good shop-talk with one of the regulars and I might type up a mini article about it at some point.

Also, I stretched my tri’s and chest/shoulders real well after conditioning.

If I Look More Jacked, Here’s Why

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