Pulling, Conditioning, Slackassery

Yesterday I worked up to 185×1,1,3 on the military press.

I just messed around on the weighted pullup and did a few triples with 40 pounds on my weight belt and did a max single with a 60 pounder. That’s the equivalent of a 310ish pound man doing a pullup. Wowee!

Today I did a metcon/structural circuit of

  1. mt climber
  2. lunge
  3. air squat
  4. situp
  5. pushup
  6. high pull
  7. elbow touch
  8. swing
  9. flutter kick
  10. ytwli
  11. bike
  12. 1LRDL

35 seconds each, three rounds, with 75 seconds in between

Surprisingly, the only thing that bothered my hamstring was trying to get off the floor during one of the rounds of mountain climbers. The lunges, swings and high pulls were okay.

Pulling, Conditioning, Slackassery

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