Do Not Be A Slave To Your Own Comfort

If you have more than mediocre physique or performance related goals, you are going to feel bad most of the time. Training is going to beat you up, make you sore and potentially effect your musculoskeletal health adversely. I’m sorry, but this is the truth.

The upshot is, if you do it right the severity of your training will increase. You’ll still feel like shit, but you’ll be stronger, faster, bigger or whatever.

Now, some folks have goals which do not neccessitate a severe training schedule. This is fine and I don’t want to denigrate them. My Grandpa exercises and it would be inappropriate for him to get smoked during his workouts and feel beat up for days; it doesn’t fit his condition, temperment and lifestyle nor is it necessitated by his goals.

But I see a lot of people in the gym and on the forums online who have lofty goals. They want to be jacked or strong or whatever. They need to just accept that training is going to be uncomfortable and may include liberating body fluids into the training environment. Further, they are going to spend a significant amount of time outside the gym sore, tired, hungry, aching, limping, panting, sweating and dry-heaving. Relish these sensations as proof of your labors.

Be careful and make judicious decisions when you train; try to protect your health and musculoskeletal integrity for as long as you can. But do not be a slave to your own comfort.

Do Not Be A Slave To Your Own Comfort

One thought on “Do Not Be A Slave To Your Own Comfort

  1. Gus says:

    Good post. When I’m in full training mode, there is never a time when no body part is sore. Kind of sucks when you get sick and the doctor says, “Do you ache anywhere?”

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