Squatting and Sheezy

Got my squatting done early. I like the triple and singles days because I get to wear briefs.

low box squat: 135×1, 225×1, 315×1

parallel box squat, briefs: 365×1, 405×1, 415×1, 435x2x3 These were hard and didn’t feel right. Honestly, today was just a shitty day to be blasting the squat because my back was so wiped out from the last couple days of conditioning. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes you hold the bear at bay until you can kill his ass later.

When I came in for conditioning, I did safety bar carries with 250, 6 trips down the length of the basketball court, in 7 minutes.

For the Deck of Cards business, we did

pushups, pullups, mountain climbers and situps

For the jokers, we did a buddy drill where one person squatted while another did a sprint and then switched. This would be a good drill if we had a bunch of people on line. Anyway, it sucked and I think it caused the calf cramps I kept getting when I jumped onto the pullup bar.

Speaking of pullups, they were super hard today, much harder than last time, but I got them all done. By my count this means:

190 pushups and mountain climbers

95 pullups and situps

It go woot woooot!

Squatting and Sheezy

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