Making Up For Lost Conorditioning


15 reps of hang snatch with 95#

25 reps of sumo deadlift high pull with 45#

4 Round for time

ET – 20:08 I just edged out my last mark on these. That’s one good thing about being so out of shape; you get to experience a basement effect. Essentially, any training makes you better when you start out so low.

Making Up For Lost Conorditioning

2 thoughts on “Making Up For Lost Conorditioning

  1. marko says:

    I remember you telling me anything above 5 reps is considered conditioning. Now I see that 25 reps is called conorditioning.

    Seriously though, I need a personal trainer to make a killer workout for me to show my 8 pack abs?

    you better show up to Beyer son I havent seen you lifting in days
    nobody is there to pose shirtless now
    nobody is there to help kyle put his bench shirt and spandex pants on
    nobody is rolling on the floor on a pvc pipe anymore
    nobody has rubber bands
    nobody to give nenad curl spots
    nobody want to do them lunges
    it just feels so empty
    just come back man

  2. Philipk says:


    Conor is what I like to call a “pretty boy lifter”. He wears Under-armor shirts, he does cardio, he showers on a regular basis. I can go on but Conor knows what I am talking about. However Conor has a “job” as a personal trainer and part of being a personal trainer is being a “pretty boy lifter”. Keep up the good work Conor and if you nail and clients I want pictures.

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