Squat Day 05/20/09

random warmup stuff

box squat to low box (three-four fingers below parallel): 135×1, 225×1, 315×1

box squat to parallel box with loose groove briefs: 315×1, 365×1, 415×3, 425x2x3

After squatting I took my briefs off in the locker room and weighed, I was 248 pounds in clothes and shoes- Damn I’m hawt.

I didn’t do any accessory work today. I wanted to do evacuation/buddy carries but I didn’t have anyone heavy enough. Instead I did down and backs with the safety bar loaded to 210 ish. That’s a plate and a quarter on each side. According to Kyle’s measurements I got six trips done in 8ish minutes. That’s money. It really tore up my back and I’m gunning for three plates on this eventually.

52 Pick Up

Instead of flutter kicks, situps, mountain climbers and elbow touches we used bikes, situps, mountain climbers and elbow touches. Just before we finished I got mad hamstring cramps from the situps so I had to finish the last six cards with flutter kicks subbed for situps. I was glad I skipped GHR’s.

I know it seemed like this workout took forever, but when you figure it took me probably 20 minutes to get warmed up to squat and we were there for a little less than two hours, it becomes pretty reasonable.

Squat Day 05/20/09

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