Good Lawdy!

bench, pinkie on rings: worked up to 275x3x5

close girp bench: 245×12

inverted row: bwx5,5,8,8 I am going to tuck a 25 pound plate in my weight belt for these next time.

Then I moved on to the conditioning work.

Five Finger Death Punch

50 air squats

40 pushups

30 situps

20 8-ct bodybuilder

10 pullups

Four rounds for time

I adapted this from a WOD and it is similar to Barbara. An 8-ct bodybuilder is from standing:

  1. Touch the ground
  2. Shoot feet out to pushup position
  3. Spread feet
  4. Bring feet together
  5. Pushup down position
  6. Pushup up position
  7. Shoot feet up to squat position
  8. Back to standing – one repetition

I intended on doing four rounds for time, but my first round was so slow (13:19) that I decided to just finish the last three off the clock. It was still plenty hard. My pullups were actually pretty strong today.

Good Lawdy!

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