CrossFit Makes Conor Sad

I think we all know my conditioning is crappy. I just like to think I have a super steep strength curve; there’s a huge different between what I can do once and what I can do five times. Thus, rep work kicks my ass.

military press:135×5, 155×5, 185x2x4 I just couldn’t quite get the fifth rep on these, but I will destroy it next time. superset with:

pullup: BW+20lb db x 4 x 5

deadlift: worked up to 405x3x5 These were a lot harder than they should have been, but I haven’t done any pulls to speak of in over a month.

shoulder press on leg press: one plate per side x 2 x 10

As a finisher I did the WOD 05/07/09  from the CrossFit Football site:

power snatch 95lb x 15 reps

row 250m I substituted this for 25 reps of sumo high pull with 45# instead

four rounds

It wound up taking me 28 minutes, which is pathetic.  I actually got the first round done in a pretty decent time, but the rest of the workout killed me. I am going to do this again for accessory work next time and I am going to destroy it.

Much destruction in this thread today…

The hurt in my upper back/traps was unbelievable.

CrossFit Makes Conor Sad

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