Training Update

April 22

Walked 5 miles in the morning.

Walked/ran 8 laps on the track at night.

April 23

AM: walked 5 miles

high box squat, wide stance: worked up to 385×6 for three sets. Wore my loosish groove briefs.

leg curl: 150×6 superset with

hamstring leg press: 6 plates x 12

GHR with light band: worked up to back elevated on low box

one leg RDL: alternated 25 per leg until I did 100 on both sides

April 24

AM: one hour of cardíos on stationery bike

incline bb press: 185×6, 205×6, 225×6, 225×6, 235×6

cable crossover: 3 or 4 x 12 superset with

1+1/2 rep bench: 185×8,8,6 or 8,6,4 I can’t remember, I just know I had a mad real pec pump and/or burn.

flat db bench: 75×6,12,8 I used a 4-5 second eccentric with a pause and then an explosive concentric. MAD REAL PUMPS!1!1!1!1!

random mechanical drop set I invented: lateral raise to failure, Ahren’s press to failure, db press to failure and then push press to failure with 20’s

cable press thing: 4×100

April 25

AM: one hour of cardíos on stationery bike

PM: ran wind sprints on the indoor track destroying my ankles and delivering me to the doorstep of Pukesburg, USA.

Training Update

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