Arms 04-26-09

reverse band reverse grip 2-board press: 225×6, 275×6, 295×6, 315×6, 345×5 superset with

ez bar curl: 125×6, 135×6, 145x2x6

seated overhead tricep extension: 75×20,75×12, 65×25 triset with:

db skullcrusher: 45×8,8,6 triset with:

band kickbacks: three sets of some reps

overhead cable rope curl: 3×12, 5×12, 4×12 superset with

incline db curl: 40×10,8,6\

bodyweight extensions: bwx8,10,5 I just gassed and quit the last set superset with

tempo contrast hammer curl: 35x2x8, 30×8 I used an extra slow 5 count eccentric and concentric on the slow reps of the last set.

tricep abd bicep stretching

100 reps of pressdowns and cable curls

Then I had a protein shake and at least an entire large pizza worth of pizza slices. It was awesome, I think my body sucked up ALL the nutrients and I’m actually going to be even more swole tomorrow than I clearly already am today.

Arms 04-26-09

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