Quads 04-20-09

low, narrow stance leg press: 5 plates x 6, 6 plates x 6, 7 plates x 6, 7 plates x 5 I think I used a lower pin setting on the machine, so I had a larger ROM. I still got my six reps and only ate a 50 pound decrement. Remember, that’s only the plates per side.

leg extension: 100×12, 90×15,12 superset with

Anderson front squat: 315×18, 405x2x12

isometric wall squat: 54 seconds and 45 seconds. I was shooting for two minutes, which turned out to be a little optimistic.

quad stretches

leg press: 25 per side x 100

When I got home I soaked in the tub full of ice water, heavy on the water and light on the ice but still cold. I hope my soreness isn’t crippling tomorrow.

Quads 04-20-09

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