Hammies, Chest and Conditioning

Thursday the 16, Hamstrings

wide stance high box squat with loose briefs: 365x5x6

leg curl: 130×6, 140x2x6 superset with

RDL: 225×12, 275x2x12

tempo contrast GHR: 3×8

one leg rdl: bwx100

Friday the 17, Chest

Incline BB press: 185×5, 205×6, 185x3x6

cable crossover: 20×12 superset with

1+1/2 rep bench press: 185×8, 165×6,155×8

triple set dumbbell press, high, low and flat: 50×8, 50×6, 50×5

laying cable laterals: I don’t remember the weight, it’s not important. I did three sets superset with pullups.

leaning front raises: 20x3x12

supinated cable shrugs: 100?x3x15

cable press: 20×100

Sat the 18, Conditioning

Again, I ran(shuffled)/walked(waddled) 2 miles on the outdoor track. My previous time was 24:44 and my time today just edged under 24 minutes, so go me. I’m gussing gains will probably come quickly here, since there’s no where to go but up.

Hammies, Chest and Conditioning

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