reverse band reverse grip two board close grip: 275x5x6 superset with:

ez bar curl:125×6, 135x4x6

overhead extensions, false grip: 95x2x12, 95×9 triset with:

db extensions: 40x3x8 triset with

kickbacks: 15x3x15

overhead cable curl: 4?x3x12 superset with:

incline db curl: 35×12, 35x2x10

bodyweight extension: bwx3x10 superset with

hammer curl, tempo contrast: 40x3x8 This means two reps slowly, then two reps fast, repeat. I got this from Christian Thibaudeau

random shoulder work: laying cable laterals + bands and some cable up row into presses

cable pressdown: 3 x 100

cable curl: 2×100

stretching for bis and tris

cable pressdown: 1×100

cable curl: 2×100


4 thoughts on “Arm-Attack!

  1. Nenad says:

    I see way too much isolation work only homo bodybuilders do this… Deadlift,Squat and Bench is all you need bro… I cant belive i am about to see Shoulder Arnold Presses next LOL..owned!! Hows the pump hahhaa?

  2. conorattack says:

    First, everything I did there was a variety of bench, squat or deadlift. This is all accessory work for powerlifting purposes. If you cannot see how this is clearly a functional strength program, you are hopeless.

    Arnold presses are a made-up lie.

    Stay strong my fellow homo-bodyduilder hater,


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