I ran-walked 8 laps on the track tonight. I’m hesitant to post the time because it sucked so bad… but in the spirit of transparency I will: 24:42. Keep in mind I’m a 255 pound powerlifter and I haven’t ran more than 1000 yards or so in literally years. I ran/jogged the straights and walked the corners. I’m sure the time will come down. Right now I’m just trying to keep my stride strong and not resort to the slow fatty-shuffle I see every big guy do when they try to run.

I rolled my feet on a golf ball, then rolled my IT band and quads on my PVC pipe and finished with the tennis ball on the glutes/piriformis. It was nice sitting on the track at dusk doing this. Before long it will be too hot to make this worth my while.

When I got home I took a warm/cold contrast shower and then iced my peroneals and quads. I still have some pretty severe DOMS in my triceps and quads.


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