Back 04-14-09

BOR – 135×6, 185×6, 225×6, 205×6, 185×6, 185×6 I don’t think my form is very great with these, but I’m trying to do them with strict form.

face pull: 5×15, 6x2x15 triset with

machine row: 70x2x8, 55×8 Tempo Contrast triset with

back extensions on GHR: bwx3x15

barbell shrug: 225×10, 315x2x10

SSB Upper Back GM: 45 x15, 45+25 x 2×15

cable row: 2×100

USMC style crunches: 45 in two minutes. These were terrible. My abs cramped as hard as they ever have in my life. I layed on the floor for quite a while…

Next week I want to do this diferently because I did a set of pullups after and still managed to get five pretty easily, which tells me I wasnt fatigued enough.

Back 04-14-09

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