Squat Day 03/31/09

Felt very limber today, hips were very loose.

close grip bench: 135×5, 225×1, 275×1, 300×5,7 That’ definitely a rep PR. It was more than I was “supposed” to do on my chart, but it’s the last training week before the meet, so I wanted to go for broke.

free squat: 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 425x3x1

double reverse band box squat from 1″ above parallel: 405×1, 495×1, 545×1 (belt), 595×1, 635×1, 685×1 I used doubled light bands for these, and they were more than 135 pounds off at the top, and I’m guessing 200ish off at the bottom, could be more, I don’t know. I know that last rep was super heavy and slow. Just lifting it out of the hooks in the mono was hard.

chins: bw+12.5×5,5,4,3

ez bar curls: This was either 145 or 165 for 8 reps, I don’t recall. It was one 32 and a 25 on each side and there may have been a ten. I just used whatever weight my training partner used.

random band and cable abs

Skipped: snatch grip dead, GHR, log press

Squat Day 03/31/09

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