Deadlift Training 03/28/09

The deadlift seems to be moving alright if I consider that the last training week before the last meet I pulled singles with 405 for technique work and now I’m up to pulling singles just as easily with 485. So in that context I’m satisfied, but I know that in the future I need to pull more rep deadlifts.

close grip bench: 250×12? I don’t remember exactly what I did here, but it’s on my chart. I know I did 12 reps.

conventional deadlift: 315×1, 405×1, 455×1 485x5x1 (Used belt) high box, deadlift stance SSB box squat against light bands: 255x5x3 I did these like speed work and really tried to pause on the boxes. These absolutely killed the middle of my back and my hamstrings.

chins: bw+15 x 6,5,4,3

log press, push/jerk style: 205×6 My back was torched from the speed box or I could have probably smashed upwards of 10-12 here. Next time maybe.

less than super secret curl workout (too lazy to make it it’s own secret post like normal)

single arm olympic bar curls: 45×8,6 superset with

concentration curl braced on incline bench: 30×8,6

I did the superset for the left arm, then the right, so I actually did four supersets. These made my arms hurt lots and I did not enjoy it.

Random kickbacks, for the purpose of shennanigans.

Deadlift Training 03/28/09

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