Bench Day 03-18-09

competition grip bench press: 290x14x1, 290×9 This is a large improvement over my previous best of 275×7 and while fatigued no less. I only did 15 singles instead of 25 because I don’t think I need it, simple as that.

pullups: bw(260)+10x2x5

log press: 180x2x5

front squat: 290×5

I skipped GHR’s and snatch grip deads because I know I’m on an altered schedule and I want to make sure I can pull tomorrow. Training back to back kind of sucks.

incline dumbbell press: 50×30 I did these on some weird non-adjustable incline bench we have. I just wanted to get some blood in my pecs.

x-rows with bands: 40 reps

Bench Day 03-18-09

One thought on “Bench Day 03-18-09

  1. marko says:

    You make that sound way tooo easy Conor! I finally hit 225 today, on my 3rd attempt at it and it feels so good to hit 2 plates a side. I said I’m gonna start powerlifting after I hit that. But anyways I just want to thank you for the form pointers last week they helped out and especially having so much time to eat during spring break has made my squat and DL and everything go up so much! Anyways see you guys next week and have a inspiring time at that meet.

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