Squats 02-24-09

close grip bench: 260×5, 10 These were pretty easy.

hammer curls: 65×5, 50×10

free squat: 225×1, 315×1, 385x25x1 These sucked. By set 20 my partner was done and I solo’d the last 5. I’m not sure what we can do to go any faster with these.

chins: bwx9 This was a big rep PR and at a bodyweight of 260 no less. Definitely a big day for Chins!

snatch grip dead: 320×10

GHR, back elevated 10 inches: bwx12

log press: 160×11

band abs: 6 reps against light bands

face pull: 7×12, 9×12

ez bar curls: 115×10

I really didn’t feel like doing the last bit of accessory work, but we had already been training for so long the thought was, Piss on it, we might as well.

Afterward we went to a local restaurant and buy one get one free chicken fried steak dinners. Then I had a peanut butter cup pie with hot maple syrup on it. I had a handful of supplements and a protein shake while I ate and I feel bloated and strong as balls!

Squats 02-24-09

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