Damn the Squat Gods

Up against the grade our Heros climb

To the top of Squat, victory to find

The going is tough, the way is long

Soft flesh tears and breath can’t be found

Healing elixirs are downed for life

Salves and linaments on torn skin applied

One hero falls bravely along the way

Victory stayed till another day

One man still climbing, scraping and fighting

Carried on by the lust for blood and Gods for smiting

To the peak of Squat, he goes to blows

High on the peak, with the Squat Gods he comes to a row

These beasts or Gods cannot be slain

Not of flesh or mortal coil; their fight remains

The wardrums subside and bitter smoke clears

The Hero finds succor finally amidst blood and his tears

It’s a lark, all a game, for the Gods will call again

For the Hero to climb to their peaks, an enemy and a friend

Damn the Squat Gods

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