Part of the inspiration for this program was some of the Russian source training literature I’d found. I think the Russians are full of shit. I’m not sure how well some of their numbers mesh for people not on boatloads of delicious androgens.

deadlift: 435x25x1, 3ish minutes rest

skipped front squats

close grip bench: 225×10,15

chin up: bwx3x2

GHR: bwx3x4

skipped log press: I didn’t think it was even worth doing sets of two with a namby pamby weight on the log press. This was a case of skipping something easy, unlike the front squats, which was an issue of skipping something hard because I felt like shennanigans.

I’m hoping we can get our workouts done faster and include more accessory work once we get our conditioning built up.


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