Squat Day 02/17/09

Last night was one of the hardest training sessions I’ve done in a long time.

Started out with a ton of warmup stuff:  soft tissue work, mobility, activation, prehab, the whole nine yards.

squat: 225×1, 315×1, 375x25x1 Yes, that’s 25 singles with 375. I had a little over two minutes between reps. It sucked. Hard.

close grip bench: 225×1, 255×5, 8

snatch grip dead: 315×5

GHR: bwx12

pullup: bwx6

log press: 160×6 Strict press with these, not a jerk press like I like.

I wanted to do some arm work, abs and shoulder/yoke, but we were beat and hit the buffet instead.

Squat Day 02/17/09

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