A Back Off or Just Shitty?

Squatting today was not working. I think it’s the combination of training last night, training this morning and attempting to squat tonight and not eating enough to support it.

In the morning I did 2/3’s of Meltdown Day 2

pulldown 14×10

high box 225×10

pushup bwx10

trap bar 315×10

All superseted in one big set, I did this twice. It made me feel profoundly shitty. I figured trying to relax and listening to some binaural meditation tones would help me recover in time for squatting. I was wrong.

free squat: worked up to 405 for a single

reverse band box squat: worked up to 415 for one and then got stapled hardcore by 465. My elbows/bis were/are killing me. I iced them and now I feel alright, but it was strange how it came on all of a sudden. I swear, I felt fine until we actually started doing stuff.

leg press: 16 platesx6

random abs

Then I left. Now I’m going to eat supper and try to recover. I’m going to blame Eric Talmant for this workout for indirectly encouraging me to explore restoration modalities.

A Back Off or Just Shitty?

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