Am I That Out of Shape?

I don’t think so. I think it’s a combination of no food and getting a lot done. At least I hope…

snatch: 135×3, 155×2 I used a hook grip for both of these. You wouln’t think that makes a difference, but it does. i did a few overhead squats too, and I really feel more solid using a regular grip. Maybe that will come in time.

rack pull from knee height: 405×3, 495×3, 545×3, 585×3, 635×1 I really didn’t feel strong today. I’ve done over 700 for a couple reps and that 635 was pretty much all I had today.

shrug: 405x3x8, 405×5, 405×8 w/rack pull on each rep

speed box with doubled light bands: 225x5x2 I didn’t actually count the sets, we just went at it for a while. Kyle brought out the nose torque and we had a blast.

chins: bwx5x5,4,2 I wanted to make sure I got 30 reps. I actually felt pretty strong on pullups. I bet my weight is down.

GHR, back inclined 20″:bwx3,10 I wanted to do a third set, but by time I got around to it I was ready to puke, so I didn’t. That’s a PR, last week I only got 8 reps, so that’s progress. I like doing them with this incline because it forces you to drive your toes and flex you’re glutes/calves to finish.

crazy bell w/6″ grip: 2×5, 1×8 I used the bar with a 6″ diameter piece of pvc over it to grip and a 35 pound dbell on each end rigged up crazy bell style.

knuckle pushup, feet on bench: 3×10

face pull: 8x2x15 I didn’t do these particularly strictly.

prestretcher crunch: 1×12 with a 65# dumbbell, These were heavy. I think this contributed to why I felt so bad. Ab work can have that effect, but that’s why I have such hawt abz.

Am I That Out of Shape?

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