Deadlift 01-13-09

Is there anything unlucky about Tuesday the 13th? That would explain the mediocrity of my pulling better than the more likely answer; I don’t know if my pulling is on track.

snatch: 135×3

conventional deadlift: 405x2x1, 455×1, 6 That set of 455 was really tough. My form is off, otherwise I think I could have nailed that for 8 or 10. At Gold’s gym I used one of this thick, chrome, cheesegrater bars and tore up one of my shins. Ever since I’ve been tearing it open doing deads and I think it’s starting to effect my form.

rack pull and shrug: 315×10, 365×10, 405×10

GHR: levelx10, back incline 10 inches x10, back incline 20 inches x4, 8 That set of 8 with the back real high was tough. It was pretty much all I had.

chins: bwx3, 4, 5, 3, 3, 7 That last set was for AMAP, so I know I’m good for at least 7 when fresh.

face pull: 7x2x15

one arm preacher: 30×8 I did these with my left arm first and it was stupid hard. I wonder if my less than stelar bis are related to the elbow pain that’s been dogging me.

knuckle pushup: bwx25

neck harness: 50×25

neck flexion: 25×30 seconds

Deadlift 01-13-09

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