A New Post!

I worked out a couple weeks ago in the Gold’s Gym in Waterloo, Iowa. I worked up to 495×3 in the deadlift and did some bench with crazy bells and then a couple days later I did 425×3 in the squat.

At some point point last week I worked out with my old training partner Phil and I had a good day. I worked up to 495×3, 515×1 and 525×1. Woowee! Then I hit some random machine work. Good to go. I can’t wait to get to the gym and show my training partner that his bench shirt is merelly a crutch and can’t stand up to the might of a massive man. Adipower!

A New Post!

One thought on “A New Post!

  1. Philipk says:

    I wrote on the wall in pen that on 1/5/2009 that Conor Hall was here and he pulled 525#. I just need a picture of you to put by it now.

    By the way I tweaked my back that night and hope to get back to it next week, it sucks getting old. While I am on the subject of me being old some of us are sleeping at 1:30AM but thanks for the text, I will have to make it to Ames and clear up my good name.

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