I Didn’t Do Shit!

I got to the gym, sans my team and with nothing to do really. So nothing is what I did!

random box jump shenannergans – I cracked my knee with a dumbbell and stopped those.

Full snatch 135x2x1

deadlift 315 x a lot, 405x a couple singles, 425×1, 455×1, 5 I wanted to go for ten here, but I took so long screwing around I just didn’t feel amped up or it by time I got around to it. Still not bad for a back off week I guess.

random shit with log

pullups (pronated) – bwx6-8×3 I don’t really know how many sets I did, but it was a lot and I paused every rep at the bottom for several seconds. I pretty much do all my pullups in the old-school Marine Corps dead hand fashion but I did an extra long pause for these.

I Didn’t Do Shit!

One thought on “I Didn’t Do Shit!

  1. Philipk says:

    It was good to see you the other day, good catching up with you as well. Keep the Beyer Hall (ISU Weight Club) tradition alive.

    I hope you have a good New Years! Try to stay out of jail.

    Now get back to training and update you damn blog.

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