ConorAttack! Supports Polar Bears

I would like to take a moment and officially voice support for the polar bear. I encourage everyone to do what they can for our carnivorous circumarctic ursine comrades. Personally, I don’t want to have to explain to my kids someday that there used to be a really badass, sweet looking 1,500 pound animal that used to be alive except dad like to gun it around town in his truck so now they’re all gone.

Every other cool animal is extinct (saber-tooth cat, dinosaurs, wooly mammoth, that giant north american sloth thing, sasquatch), let’s save this one.

ConorAttack! Supports Polar Bears

3 thoughts on “ConorAttack! Supports Polar Bears

  1. Philipk says:

    1st, Polar Bears are pretty cool. Global warming does exist, unless you live in Iowa.

    2nd, I read some where that they might be able to re-create woolly mammoths from frozen DNA that they have found. Awesome but weird.

    3rd, Sasquatches are not extinct, just very sneaky and very good at hiding.

  2. fatman says:

    If there really is global warming, why is the temperature of the earth going down during the past decade? and if there is global warming, how much of it is caused by man or is it just the normal cycle of the earth.
    Just food for thought.

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